Backflow is the reversal of flow of the normal direction of water, in a water supply line. This present a hazard if a contamination or pollution was to be drawn back into the water supply. This has the potential to be harmful or deadly if the pollutant enters the drinking water supply.

This can only occur when the water supply pressure, drops below the plumbing system pressure, for instance a water main burst. To alleviate this occurence a backflow prevention device may be fitted in the supply line.

Legislation requires that backflow devices be teated every 12 months, or incur a $2000 fine.
Backflow Prevention Device Testing
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Aquair Pty. Ltd. Can test your backflow prevention device and issue you with the test records as required by local water authorities AS/NZS 2845.3.

Benefits of backflow prevention device testing are;

• Prevention of a contaminated source entering the water supply
• Prevent water being wasted due to a leaking device
• Impact the water pressure supplied to your property
• Reduced risk of litigation
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