All gas appliances need regular service to ensure correct and safe operation, and to extend the service life of the appliance. A poorly maintained or faulty gas appliance can leak harmful carbon monoxide gas, which can result in serious and dangerous health problems.

Aquair Pty. Ltd. Can service all forms of gas appliances, and can test the appliance for leaking gas, and harmful carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide discharges.
Gas Appliance Testing
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Servicing of gas appliances should occur on a regular basis, at a maximum interval of 2 years. An appliance should be checked immediately if any of the following occurs.

• A yellow or sooty flame
• The pilot goes out unexpectedly. Or pops or bangs when lighting
• There are signs of damage to the appliance
• The adjacent walls become to hot to touch
• There are soot stains around the appliance

Should an appliance be suspected of operating incorrectly, the appliance should be turned off immediately and a service technician be called.
CO ppm
9 ppm
Minimal, Max allowable concentration for 8 hrs (EPA)
35 ppm
Maximum continuous exposure for 1hr (EPA)
50 ppm
Maximum for 8hrs (OSHA)
100 ppm
Trips installed CO detectors, Maximum exposure for 100 mins.
200 ppm
In 2-3 hrs, slight headache, tiredness, dizziness & nausea
400 ppm
  In 1 hr, frontal headaches, in 3hrs life threatening
800 ppm
  In 45 mins, dizziness, nausea & convultions. Death within 2-3 hrs
1600 ppm
Death within 1 hr
6400 ppm
Death within 15 mins
12800 ppm
Death within 3 mins
Carbon Monoxide Exposure effects
Benefits of Regular Maintenance & Service

• Safer operation
• Extended plant operating life
• Improved reliability
• More efficient operation
• Less breakdowns
• Reduced costs
• Reduced risks (ie. exposure to litigation)
• Compliance with statutory regulations
• Environmentally friendly
• Reduced gas consumption
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